Unique two-in-one formula delivers moisturizers and tanning agents deep into the skin. The results are a deep natural looking tan, long-lasting color, and velvety soft skin.

inside tan™ moisturizing sunless tanner CZ0106

    • Tanner plus moisturizer in one 
    • Won’t rub off on clothes
    • Long lasting color
    • Pleasant scent
  • Lecithin: a rich emollient derived from soybeans

    Shea Butter: protects skin from dehydration

    Jojoba Oil: moisturizer and emollient that reduces trans epidermal water loss

    Glycerin: helps skin retain moisture

    Dihydroxyacetone: (DHA) skin coloring agent derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane

    *Please email info@celazomeskin.ca for a complete ingredient listing